Lee Briggs of Toad Towing & Ryan Steel of Richford Motors assist Johnny Vegas in setting up his glamping site with quirky glamping pods at Melbourne Hall in Derbysire

Toad Towing and Engineering, owned by Lee Briggs, do a lot of specialist Film and TV work and were asked to attend and assist with the placement of a number of bespoke glamping units based on a wide variety of unusual vehicles from 16ft tall boats, helicopter fusealages & vintage buses to name but a few, which are owned by celebrity actor and comedian Johnny Vegas and to be sited at Melbourne Hall Stately Home in beautiful Derbyshire as part of a documentary on Johnny and his life .


Lord Ralph Kerrs of Melbourne hall and his staff had been most vocal in their requirements for the preservation of the flora and fauna from damage. Lee spent an hour or so doing recconnaisance and discovered several 90' turns, parked cars, narrow gateways and wet and muddy fields to contend with, and so enlisted the help of locally based operator Richford Motors and their specialist TowTrack Vehicle Handler 

Initially the intention was to position the boat which was carried out with ease and no ground damaged. The Estates Manager was so impressed with the versatility of the TowTrack it was quickly agreed that it would stay all day and assist with moving more of the vehicles and accessories into position.

Lee left site before Ryan Steel (who was the TowTrack operator on the day) had completed the final positioning. Lee was left with a great impression of what is a far more versatile piece of equipment than he had ever imagined .

The TowTracks maneouverability, low noise and low enviromental impact made the job far easier than it would have been with a conventional 4x4 or similar .