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Main slide body design and construction:
8000 kg capacity body
Body length 26ft long
Body running on full nylon sliders
Body width up to maximum width
Beacon flyer with inbuilt nudge bar or headboard
Side rave with stainless steel finisher capping and antislip tape
All steel body with fully welded steel treadplate flooring
Chassis mounted stainless steel tool locker 48x18x18”
Stainless steel toolbox handles
12 deck mounted lashing tie down rings
Chassis body locks
Built on 17 ton chassis and upwards
Set of 4 deluxe transporter tie down straps

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Spectacle lift:
2000kg spectacle lift with flip over head
Twin lift rams-powered up/down
Spec beam power in/out safety lock in open and closed position
1 pair spectacle lift tie down ratchet straps
1 pair wheel space reducing bars
Zinc passivated spectacle lift head
Hydraulic system:
Pto pump cab mounted air switch with handbrake interlock
Chassis mounted hydraulic tank with filter
10,000 lb hydraulic winch with radio remote and manual override lever
Twin tilt body rams
12ft slide off ram
Fully enclosed stainless steel spool valve box
5 bank spool valve set up as follows:-
Winch control with electro/air hydraulic control
Slide body on-off
Tip body up-down (including auto tilt)
Spec lift up-down
Spec beam in-out manual safety lock
60” beacon bar light with illuminated centre
1 pair flyer mounted work lamps
1 pair flyer mounted stop/tail/indicator lamps
 Radio remote winch control

 Please Call For More Information: 01759 372 515

  Please Call For More Information: 01759 372 515